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May 29th 2018

Yma Sumac welcomes to Her Official site

Dear Yma Sumac fans,

There is much going on now!

The U.S. documentary continues filming. The film crew got a tour of The Divaís former home some months ago. That was incredibly exciting. She lived there from (roughly) 1951 to 1969. The owners who bought it form Yma Sumac still lived there! That was a great surprise.

The book has started. It will be a ĎLife in Photosí sort of thing. Some of Sumacís photographers have worked with me and been incredibly helpful. It will be beautiful and very high quality. Chapter 1 - the South American years - is completed already. There is a lot of Brazil and Argentina in it, as that is where she was most popular and most successful in her early career.

Two Yma Sumac gallery exhibits are in the works, as well. One is somewhat Ďup in the airí right now, and the other one is definitely going to happen. They are lucky to have caught me at this time, as I have decided Yma Sumacís beloved Inca jewels and most famous costumes will go to a museum. London or New York or Hollywood is a good place for them, but they may go elsewhere. I have already shown them on TV, and they will be featured in the documentary as well, and my book. I have done all I can with them.

I will miss them, however! Yma Sumac and myself were very close for years. These jewels sort of kept her close to me in my mind. But I guess I should be grateful she remains here in Los Angeles/ Hollywood her home for over 60 years. I visit her at Hollywood Forever Cemetery often.

We are working as fast and hard as possible to make these things happen, however, I donít have total control of everything this time. This a first for me! I have been wildly protective of anything to do with the Goddess of Voice all these years, so I have only very trusted people around me with these projects. Everything should gowell.
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