Yma Sumac - News

November 11th, 2017

Yma Sumac welcomes to Her Official site

Hello, Sumac fans!
  Finally an American Yma Sumac documentary is being made! Her intimates will speak of her life and career, in that most all of her colleagues have passed away at this point. The crew is looking for a friend of the Diva named Sammy Rose (or Sam or Samuel). He knew her in the “mysterious years” of 1976 to about 1983. Any others who truly knew her would be of interest as well. She was quite reclusive her last 25 years (outside of work), so this may not be easy, but worth a try.
   Here is a video to enjoy. The tiara she  wears remains in Miss Sumac’s archives (it will be seen in the documentary as well as all her jewels and stage costumes, photos

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  Till next time!