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March 20th, 2018

Yma Sumac welcomes to Her Official site

Dear Yma Sumac fans,

While not much has been going on here at this site, much has been, behind the scenes.

I have seen the trailer for the Yma Sumac documentary (the first American doc on the Diva, as there has already been a French and German documentary) and it is great! I'm not easy to please and quite protective when it comes to Yma Sumac, so that's saying quite a lot.
The three people closest to her in her last 25 years are behind most this so it will be loving, respectful, but will also be truthful and factual. She would want that. Everything must be balanced if it is to be interesting. We talked to neighbors at her most famous home and even got a tour inside! The great people that bought it from Sumac in 1969 were still there. They had much to tell. It was a joy to be there after having seen it so many times in personal photos in the Diva's archives.

There was a “tribute” show to Sumac here in Los Angeles a few months ago, but as I found it to be most disastrous due the MC of the show, we won't go into that... It was called Voices of the Xtabay. Their saving grace was a great lady who sang at the end of this debacle, but I cannot remember her name unfortunately.

There has been a recurring New York show called The Legend of Yma Sumac with a male performer playing Sumac and he looks beautiful. He clearly studied her closely. Another show in Australia has a woman playing Yma Sumac and she sings with her own great voice and wears many of Yma Sumac's personal jewels on stage. That one is still in the making, but will undoubtedly be great.

I plan to finally get to my Yma Sumac picture book that will be quite extraordinary, pretty soon. It will be a “Life in Pictures” sort of thing from my own personal collection and of course many never before published images Yma Sumac gave me herself.

So 2018 should bring some big news!

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