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P E RU  - 2006
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In May of 2006, Yma Sumac returned to Peru after many, many years, to accept several prestigious awards. The biggest being El Orden Del Sol, usually only awarded to royalty and dignitaries and certain presidents. It was a two week trip of constant appearances, hysterical crowds and cameras at all times. Here are some EXCLUSIVE photos from that historical trip.

An Yma Sumac cocktail party was one of the first events that took place. She is seen here posing in her hotel room before the party.
Sumac en route to a major press conference in Lima, May 7th.
A radiant Yma Sumac accepts and wears  Peru's highest honor  "The Order of the Sun" medal.
An advertisement for a major homage to Yma Sumac. There were orchestras playing her music on the street and inside the theater as well.
We are the only people in the entire world to have the access to photograph Miss Sumac's awards close up. There were more awards, but these were the "most photogenic" of the honors.
And yet MORE medals! Sumac (by this day, tired of her more elaborate makeup) poses beneath an early photo of herself with her awards of the day!
Miss Sumac knew full well she could not wear her usual extremely high heels and refinery when climbing Machu Picchu, so she dressed down and climbed to the top at 84 years old! When she reached the top, a tiny bird flew to her and sang and then flew away. Everyone looked on in complete awe...


This historical trip would not have been possible without the following men all working together (from left to right): Alan Eichler (Miss Sumac's manager for over 20 years), Hernando Valderrama Valentin (Sumac's #1 fan in Peru, who was instrumental in getting this whole thing off the ground) Damon Devine (the Diva's makeup man, webmaster, personal assistant and secretary) and Miguel Molinari of Peru's 'Palco Estelar' who arranged all events to perfection.

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